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Past Tense and Cardinal – Ordinal Number Exercises

I. Read the following descriptions of Ahmad’s old school and answer the questions that follow.

Ahmad, a new student in my school, is telling other students about his old school. He said that there were five classes on the second floor and three classes on the first floor. The principal’s office was next to the teachers’ room and a toilet was on every floor.
His favorite place were a playground that was located behind the school and a canteen next to it where he could buy soft drinks.

1. How many classes were on Ahmad’s old school altogether?
2. How many classes were on the first floor?
3. How many classes were on the second floor?
4. Was the principal’s room next to the canteen?
5. Where were the toilets?
6. What were Ahmad favorite places on his old school? Why did they become his favorite ones?

II. Change the words in the brackets into past tense.
1. In the morning, the class … (is) very tidy.
2. The students … (play) football last week.
3. The guitar … (is) broken last night so that he could not play it.
4. The teacher … (do) his paper corrections yesterday.
5. The class … (are) very noisy yesterday afternoon so that the teacher … (is) very angry.
6. How … (do) you do it?
7. The girls … (eat) in cafeteria when the accident happened.
8. The boys … (study) the papers last week.
9. We … (watch) the movie last night
10. They … (sleep) too late last weekend

III. Write cardinal or ordinal numbers of the following sentences.
1.Miss Merry lives on the … (1) floor.
2.There are … (2) floors in my school.
3. The principal’s room is on the … (3) floor.
4. The food court is on the … (5) floor.
5. She got the … (1) position on that competition.
6. They have got … (6) rabbits at home.

IV. Answer the following questions using the language functions of “yes” or “no”
1.Mr Lee is writing a letter in his office.
Question : Is Mr. lee in the bedroom?
Answer : ….

2. Diana is having lunch in cafeteria.
Question : Is Diana in the class?
Answer : ….

3. Raihan is sitting on the balcony.
Question : Where is Raihan? Is he in the balcony?
Answer : ….

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